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The Rook is a proprietary design featuring a stainless steel load jaw and an anodized guide jaw. This system gives you the accuracy of a single jaw and the simplicity of a dual-jaw. The shape of the Rook is unique to B3 this year, it has an hourglass shape that will give you some more leverage to get your bow back in a hunting situation. The Rook comes with the new OD green standard size wrist strap and a golden swivel stem for a nice look. Our patented swivel connector on the Rook allows you to change the length up to 12 different length settings to fit any hand size. The head swivels 360 degrees and can rotate 360 degrees and lock into place to make for a quiet climb into your treestand. If you would like a different size wrist strap with your release feel free to call us at the shop.

Rook features:

  • Patented swivel connector
  • New curved trigger
  • New double jaw design
  • One anodized guide jaw
  • One black stainless steel load jaw
  • OD green strap
  • Multiple length adjustments
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1 review
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1 review for Rook

  1. Avatar
    3 out of 5

    Well Made but with a few Caveats I just bought this release today based on the recommendation of a local dealer. Out of the box there were several strands of string loose on the strap, I pulled / cut them off then burned to singe the loose ends. Maybe the die that was used to cut it was going dull? Doesn’t seem to be a huge issue but I hope the fabric doesn’t continue to unravel to the sewn thread point. The buckle is secured between a leather loop sewn into the strap. 2 things about this; if you wait to put on your strap in the field the buckle will wiggle a bit making some sound. Not a lot but not that quiet either. Second - the leather squeaks a bit when pressure (drawing the bow) - this may however lessen / disappear as the leather breaks in. The release is marketed as having the ability to rotate fully “when climbing a tree stand” - I anticipated using the feature when pulling arrows out of targets but it seems you have to go past the 3rd adjustment screw for that to work. I’m at the 3rd screw now and due to the flair at the end of the release the metal is obstructed by the triangle ring preventing a full rotation. The craftsmanship of the metal portion of the release is superb - the trigger is crisp a definite upgrade from my True Fire. I will say that True Fire has a better design on the wrist strap - if I could throw this release on the True Fire strap I’td be golden. I wouldn’t normally be so not picky on gear; but I also don’t normally don’t spend $90 on a wrist release. I’ll still use it for practice but may get something that can rotate fully for the field / doesn’t have the loose buckle.

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