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Exact Rize Hunter

4.25 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews )


The Exact Rize Hunter is the best rapid-travel hunting sight….period.

The Exact Rize Hunter features our new patented vertical mount system, as well as a toolless micro-adjust windage unit. Streamlined steel pins provide a clear and accurate sight picture. Machined, gear-driven design produces lightning-fast sight movement. Additional features include a sight light, full-axis adjustments, a built-in broadhead tool, quiver mount and adjustable blue level.

Precision machined Exact Rize Hunter is proudly made in the USA! If you would like a different bar or housing options please give us a call at the shop. For more videos checkout our YouTube channel.

Rize Hunter features:

  • Patented design
  • Angled sight scale
  • 3 axis adjustments
  • Sight light included
  • Vertical mounting system
  • Tapped for sight light mount
  • New 5″ dovetail bar option
  • New multi pin housing option
  • New single pin housing option
  • 15 stick on tapes for distance
  • Colored sight bands includes
  • New top and bottom dead stops
  • Rapid travel for quick target acquisition
  • Mathews Archery Bridge-Lock sight bar option
  • The most precise micro-adjust windage unit available; under .001 per click with no excess travel
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Customers' review

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars
4 reviews
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4 reviews for Exact Rize Hunter

  1. 4 out of 5

    Updated review. 6/28/21 So after having this sight for a while now and hundreds of arrows down range I decided I needed to update my review. On my original review I mentioned mushiness of the windage adjustment....... well... you can adjust the gear lash on that. So.... that does not deserve my previous comments on mushiness. Actually I’ve never owned a sight with the ability to do such a thing so ....can’t complain. That’s a great feature ... although i can’t understand why anyone would want a mushy feel.... but if you do you can definitely adjust the gear lash in a manner to do so. My adjustment is now very positive , and I like it. After shooting the bow quite a bit without tightening the elevation lock “t head” on the inside of the sight . Elevation does not change from the recoil of shooting an arrow . With that said ...... if you leave it unlocked and bump it , it will move . But if you saw a deer coming and had the bow in your hand and just left it unlocked ... I think you’ll be ok. In regards to that... even if you bump it.... the flick of your finger can put it back right where you want. I’m mentioning this because I said I didn’t see how this sight was “rapid” compared to other sight adjustments . It’s simply referring to the way the elevation travel works.... it’s not gear driven , it’s just a delrin slide so it is indeed faster in those regards. The “t head” locking knob is still annoying because if it’s size ..... but you can grow to become comfortable with it. Once again..... the best pin in the business in my opinion. 0.15..... just can’t beat it . It’s outstanding . After owning the sight for a while now , my only real complaint keeping this sight from 5 stars is the vibration ..... I never figured that out . I’ve added and taken away vibration dampening products from every point on the on the bow they can be and it all points to the scope housing itself. It vibrates .... all there is to it. Not the end of the world. It’s not gonna cost you a deer .... or a miss of any kind . I’m jim just shocked that I can actually feel it in my hand. So I’m giving this sight 4 stars. I would recommend it.

  2. 3 out of 5

    It’s ok Just purchased. It’s just ok. Rapid travel!!!!, no..... not really. First you have to unlock it, and guess where the locking tab is.... it’s a microscopic little t-head looking thing on the inside of the sight.... or left side for me. So , no there’s nothing rapid about that, the time it takes to look for the tiny t-head you could have moved any other single pin to any position you wanted in about the same time. My specific scope had some slight damage . From assembly , looks like it may have been dropped and rolled around a bit .... definitely metal on metal contact in about 4-5 places on the scope housing right out the box .... I’ll cut b3 some slack , considering virtually every archery product I’ve bought for 2021 has had these same cosmetic issues because the demand is so high , and the inventory is low. Pin quality is excellent , probably the best I’ve seen, very very bright with little to no light. Very impressed. Windage’s not as positive of clicks as other sights I’ve owned . Tad on the mushy side .... maybe that’s just the one I got. When you lock down the windage adjustment , you can still turn it left or right 5-6 clicks and the housing does move with it...... I don’t think it’s supposed to do that ..... but it does. Once again..... I’ve owned another sight where every adjustment was gear driven and when you locked it , it was locked .... period . Not the case here. I thought I was shedding some weight with this sight compared to my previously accutouch . It’s negligible ....... I wouldn’t call this one light , but it’s not heavy .The scope has 2 rubber bands on it. You are given a pack of assorted colored bands ? However , only one of each color so if you want to replace your bands with 2 of the same color , you will have to buy more. I had a 19.99 truglo as a temp aight on my new bow so I could practice while I was awaiting this one. After swapping them out, I noticed a slight twang on my bow now when firing...... checked all screws for tightness , nothing is loose . It’s something with the scope housing . I’ve yet to figure that out.... annoying , but not the end all be .i swapped back to the truglo, twang immediately gone , back to the rise hunter and the twang is back..... no idea . It’s a decent sight , but to be honest .... it’s just not an improvement over my previous single pin. Other than pin brightness , and a couple more primitive ways to compensate for elevation without changing scope height. Either on the riser mount , or the physical scope on the barrel.I’ve talked with b3 through email a few times with questions about their products , they’ve alwAys been very quick and very nice , seems like A+ operation on that end. Also .... the comp hunter comes with a case .... why not this one . Yeah there’s a price diff , but it ain’t like this sight is cheap ..... so would I recommend this sight ?..... more specifically for a single pin user? I would try my best to see one with my own hands first , and compare between what you have and what you want to change? This sight could very well be an upgrade to many single pins out there , it wasn’t in my case but that may not be the case for everyone. Oh and one more thing , the delrin squeeks when changing elevation..... perhaps a little string wax may help that .

  3. 5 out of 5

    Love it! Love this sight! Very accurate, easy to set up, easy to get the axis leveled. Well built sight. I'm shooting out to 100 yards with it with no problem. Won't be disappointed in buying this sight!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Above the game Bought this sight for my wife and she loves it. I may have to steal it from her. The rapid travel on this thing is insane and with the Rize sight you can raise or lower on riser to get the most out of the sight. A game changer for sure. Do yourself a favor and get this sight.

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