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Have a question for us? We probably have an answer for you below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have about B3 Archery.


You can view the most recent product catalog on our Product Catalog page. If you would like a hard copy please give us a call or email us.

You can view and download the instructions for any product on our Instructions page.

Our application is currently closed at this time. For more information check out our PRO STAFF page.

B3 Archery is rapidly expanding and we’re glad to hear that you are interested in becoming a dealer. Please request an application here.

B3 is constantly designing and innovating new products in the archery industry-anything is possible in the future.


The B3 Archery team is committed to our same day shipping on most orders. With this being a time-sensitive manner please do not rely on email for us to cancel.

Please send product to our shop with your phone number and description of what is wrong. We will fix or replace it the same day we receive it. Feel free to call us anytime.

If you didn’t receive an order processing email please give us a call at the shop 606-612-5213 and we can assist you with your order.

We do ship internationally, while the cost will be much higher, we most certainly can. Give us a call at the shop 606-612-5213 or send us an email.

Most certainly we do. Please visit our Military/First Responders Program for more information. We greatly appreciate your service!


A set screw goes in the side of the handle that you can loosen to adjust the moon. After loosening this set screw you can either hold pressure against the moon and feel the click that the dimples make against the set screw or visually count the number of dimples you can see while adjusting the moon to your desired setting. After you have it in the right setting, tighten this set screw back up and the moon is locked in place.

The Claw is only offered with one spring. However, the Hawk release of ours is an open hook sear that you can set much heavier. The only way to make the Claw heavier is by turning the set screw in the trigger post clockwise.

Any general wrench set that goes down to .050”. Also, a small flathead screwdriver around 1/8” wide.

The clicks that come with the replacement moon pack are an .008” and a .010” click. The 8 is on the high side of the moon when looking at it from the side. The click that comes installed is a .009” click.

What we believe happened is that you may have tightened the flat head screw too tight when reinstalling the bracket. This is common even for us when that screw gets tightened down pretty hard. It just needs to be snug. If you would like to send it in to us please do.a

They are ready for your crossbow! Our curved blades fly straighter and penetrate longer while flying quietly at your target.

We do! It will be an $8.00 upcharge to you. Please give us a call at the shop if you would like to place that order. 606-612-5213.

There are 30 clicks per revolution on the Target sight and the windage clicks are slightly less than .005” per click. There are 50 clicks per revolution on the 3D sight and the windage clicks are slightly less than .002” per click.

The sight has a little over 2” of travel.

If this is a left-handed sight, we do have an offset block you can order over the phone from us. If this is a right-handed sight and you can’t go anymore to the left, we have a longer windage tube you can use. Give us a call at the shop 606-612-5213

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