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Eastern Kentucky’s rolling hills are where the B3 Archery team calls home. 

B3 Archery offers releases, sights and broadheads for hunters and archers around the world. Each piece is crafted for precision; built the best, by the best, for the best.

Customers Come First

At the B3 manufacturing facility in Clay City, Ky., the staff is seasoned and well-trained. 

Products are built with strict attention to detail using the latest technology and innovation.

Many on the team are hunters and archers, like you, who use B3 products daily. And they believe in treating every customer like family. 

That’s why you won’t find better customer service anywhere. At B3 Archery, we pride ourselves on being friendly and knowledgeable, and quick to meet your needs in any way.

While B3 is a new company, the team brings 250 years of collective experience in the archery world.

Meet Your B3 Team

Joe Scott, Manager of Operations
With a passion for competitive archery and quality manufacturing, Joe is an inspired leader for the B3 team. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and grew up around 3D archery circuit tournaments, learning from his family’s enthusiasm for the sport.

Wayne Collins, Machine Shop Manager
For more than 17 years, Wayne has been involved
in automated machining, manufacturing and design within the archery industry. Wayne and the team’s commitment to precision at every level of production ensures that B3 provides the very best experience to each customer.

Ronnie Taylor, Releases Production Manager
With nearly 20 years of experience in the archery
release business, Ronnie brings invaluable insight and knowledge for B3 production. Ronnie and a talented crew manage assembly and production for every release that goes out of the Clay City, Ky., manufacturing facility.

Marty Cecil, Sights Production Manager
When it comes to archery sights, Marty is committed
to the best. With more than 12 years of manufacturing experience, Marty is honored to be part of the team and work toward B3’s mission to provide the most accurate, high-quality sights for all customers.

Britt Huey, Director of Sales
Bringing more than 25 years of industry sales
experience, Britt believes in the strength of B3’s product line. Britt coordinates a team of knowledgeable sales representatives who provide a reputable sales force for B3 Archery.

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